Morocco Tours - Essaouira

A wonderful half term break in Essaouira with the kids.  So much history and so much to see in this beautiful old Portuguese town.  The old fortress 'Constelo Real de Mogador' is increasingly popular with film shoots.  Recently Game of Thrones and John Wix 3.

Essaouira is only 2.5 hours from Marrakech so great to combine a tour of the 2 cities on your Moroccan holiday or continue on down the coast to Agadir and through the mountains to Ourzazate before heading down into the Sahara to our Tented Camp Adounia.

Weather a long stroll on the beach, a calm walk around the souks of this magical Medina on the sea or a delicious plate of oysters and sea urchins, Essaouira is a great place to restore your batteries it is completely calming and relaxing.

Winter getaway to Marrakech and our Tented Camp Adounia in the Sahara Desert

Come and join us for a 7 night package including Marrakech at the lovely Riad Zamzam & Spa combined with a tour over the Atlas Mountains to explore Ait Ben Haddou before leaving down the Draa Valley and into the Sahara to our completely new Camp Adounia. The autumn and winter months are the best time for Marrakech and the Sahara - the night sky at this time is incredible.  You can expect to see the milky way, planets and meteorites.  The camp is cosy with comfortable matresses and linen, the fire at night under the stars is stunning.  In the day you can even go with your driver and explore the old oasis of Mhamid and its Ksar of mud 400years old.  A camel ride through the oasis is a wonderful way to see desert life first hand.  We can plan any number of days for your trip and group size just send us and email - or call Emma +212661215062

Camp Adounia Salon and Dining

Children's fun
The night sky

Our new Suite tents - 32m squared

The new camp with nomad ten…

Vibrant Women Retreat Morocco - January 2018

INSPIRATIONAL JOURNEY in Morocco: The terrain of Morocco has informed my dreams since I was a child, as a magical and wondrous place. I would like to invite you to join me on and enchanted journey to re-awaken the magic in your life, through listening to the heartbeat of Morocco. By staying in the medina and engaging with this ancient cities rhythms and customs. Being mystically transported (or just woken up) by the call to prayer, drinking mint in the souks, finding exquisite restaurants, walking through beautiful gardens and staying in the Sahara desert under a million stars and much more …… 3 rooms left 10 – 17 January 2018Please contact Emma: 00212 661215062 or email for more details.

This inspirational journey is for you if:
You want to explore an ancient and magical place.You want to travel to an exotic location, but perhaps wouldn’t do it on your own.You adore learning about different cultures and peoples.You really enjoy eating delicious food and trying new …

Stunning vintage Beni Ouarain with long shag pile

Whilst foraging this week.  I stumbled upon this stunning old Beni Ouarain.  It is a superb example of an authentic Beni Ouarain with long shag pile.  The colour and design are gorgeous, It is 3 x 2 meters and totally a one off special piece.
Beni Ouarain is a region in Middle Atlas.  These Beni Ourain carpets with their double knot weave are made to sleep on.  The long pile adding warmth and insulation.
Phone or email me to reserve - - 00212661215062

Voted in the best 10 attractions for Morocco - 29 October 2017

Thank you Telegraph Travel - 29 October 2017 Located three hours from Marrakech, on a pristine stretch of unspoilt coast between Safi and El Jadida, Beach Camp Adounia is an ocean-lover’s alternative to Sahara glamping. Billowing white tents pitched among the dunes provide the base for a range of activities, from galloping (or lolloping) along the sand on a horse or camel, to learning to surf or serenely practising your asanas as the sun sets over the Atlantic. Nightly campfires, barbecued fish and star-spangled night skies enrich the experience.  Camp Adounia (00212 661 215 062; offers affordable retreats with prices from £100 per night for adults, £55 children under 10, full-board.

Our ecological camp works closely with the local community.  Come and experience the real Sahara desert of Morocco within a camp that has minimum impact on the environment.  Share stories at night around the camp fire under millions of shooting stars with the nomads.  Hav…

Nomads of the Sahara Desert Video

I thought given my last post this short video is really interesting to watch.  It shows you the Tuareg Mats but it also gives you an idea of nomad life and what you can expect to experience when you come and visit us at Camp Adounia in the Moroccan Sahara Desert.
We believe in providing clients with the real desert experience.  If you are lucky enough the nomads will welcome you into their tents and share their culture and way of living with you.  They will not let you leave until they have baked you a loaf of bread to take with you on your way.

Tuareg mats from FJ Hakimian on Vimeo.

Camp Adounia philanthropic travel.

Email us for bespoke itneraries and information.
Moroccan Berber Carpets 

Tuareg Mats - Moroccan Berber Carpets

I'm pretty obsessed with these Tuareg Mats, they are so earthy and powerful.  Any area or room is instantly transformed into a chic strong statement.  Photos below are from Fredieric Fekkai's holiday home the famous hairdresser and beauty stylist from France.  They give you an idea of how these mats just about go with anything.
They are made from palm fronds and camel or goat skin.  Some of the women's weavings are incredibly intricate in design.  Many have ancient symbols woven into them.


Made by the Tuaregs of Mauritania and Sahara leading down to Niger and Nigeria.  These mats are  traditionally made by the nomads for their tents (some even have a lovely smoky smell).  They are very durable and roll easy for the caravans when moving on.  The Tuaregs are often called the blue men because of the Indigo they wear.  The indigo acts as a sun screen and insect repellant.
At our Camp in the Sahara Desert we work with the nomads and their way of life, when deciding to visit us in…